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Robert Lee Frost Biography in English










Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874, to William Frescott Jr., a journalist from San Francisco, California, USA, and Isabelle Moody.





Robert Lee Frost’s mother, Isabel Moody, was originally a Scottish immigrant, and his father, Nicholas Frost, originally from Draven Tiverton, England, came to America. William Prescott Jr. came to New Hampshire from Wolfrana in 1634.






Frost was related to the lineage of Samuel Appleton. Samuel Appleton lived early in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Robert Lee Frost’s father worked as a teacher and later was an editor for the San Francisco Evening News Bulletin (which later merged with the San Francisco Examiner) and was an unsuccessful candidate for city tax collector.





On May 5, 1885, Robert Lee Frost’s father died, after which Robert Lee Frost moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts under the protection of his grandfather ‘William Frost Sr.’ Here, ‘William Frost Sr.’ worked as a supervisor in the New England Mill. Used to do. Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California, to William Prescott Jr. and Isabelle Moody.





Robert Lee Frost’s first 11 years were spent with his father. Robert Lee Frost’s father, William Prescott Jr., was a journalist who died of tuberculosis.






After his father’s death, Robert Lee Frost moved with his mother, Isabelle Moody, and sister, Jeanne, to Lawrence, Massachusetts, and lived with his grandparents.





Robert Lee Frost attended Lawrence High School while living with his grandparents, where he met Eleanor White, who would later become Robert Lee Frost’s classmate after graduating in 1892.






After high school education, Robert Lee Frost was admitted to Darth Mouth College and after completing his education, worked in many companies for livelihood.






Robert Lee Frost wrote his first poem ‘My Butterfly an Ellen’ in 1894, which was published in ‘The Independent’, a prestigious weekly magazine in New York. Robert Lee Frost, happy with her success, proposed marriage to Elinar, but Elinar wanted to complete her graduation first, so she did not accept Robert Lee Frost’s proposal.






When Eleanor did not accept his marriage proposal, Robert Lee Frost went on a trip to Virginia. After returning from there after some time, Robert Lee Frost again proposed marriage to Elinar.






Elinor’s graduation was completed, so she accepted Robert Lee Frost’s proposal, then both of them got married on December 19, 1895, and in 1896, the Frost couple had their first child in the form of Elliot.





Robert Lee Frost bought a small farm in Franconia, New Hampshire in 1915 to earn a living, but the money he earned from farming and writing poetry was not enough for his family, so Robert Lee Frost moved to Amherst and Michigan in 1916.






The university started giving part-time lectures. Robert Lee Frost continued to set a high standard for his writing ability even after his 1916 collection of poetry, Mountain Interval, published in 1938.






Evaluating the poetry of Robert Lee Frost, New Hampshire encouraged Robert Lee Frost’s poetry to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1923.





Other poems by Robert Lee Frost were awarded the prize in 1930, the poetry collection A for Range in 1936, and A Witness Tree in 1942. Robert Lee Frost’s poetry collections include Best Running Book 1928, Steeple Bush 1947, and In the Clearing.






Robert Lee Frost served as poet-in-residence at Harbor College from 1933 to 1943, at Dartmouth College from 1943 to 1949, and at Amherst College from 1949 to 1963, in his old age he collected awards and honors every three months. He served as poetry consultant to the Post Poet Laureate at the Library of Congress in 1958–59.





One memorable occasion was Robert Lee Frost’s recitation of a poem, ‘A Gift Out Right’, at the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. Reviewing Robert Lee Frost’s poem ‘A Witness Tree’, written in 1942, Wilvert Snow notes that some of the poems have the right to stand with good things.





Some poems like ‘The Silken Tent, Karvedeep Phir Bhi Barf Chale Gaye’ are little more than rhythmic fanfics. Stephen Vicente was of the opinion that Robert Lee Frost had never written better poetry, except for a few poems in this book.






Similarly, other critics, while criticizing a poem written by Frost in 1962, had said, ‘This reviewer considers Robert Lee Frost to be the most contemporary poet but regretfully has to say that the new volume of poetry writing by Frost is disappointing.






Frost often focused on jingles rather than writing memorable poetry that we associate with his name. According to another critic, there is a glimpse of philosophy in Frost’s poems. Whether you like it or not, whether you share the philosophy or not is up to you.





Robert Lee Frost Biography in English PDF Download









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