Harishankar Parsai Biography in English And Full Details

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Harishankar Parsai Biography in English






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Harishankar Parsai has the distinction of being a successful satirist in Hindi language literature. As a writer, he has mastered the language of satire.





In his works, along with the colloquial words of the popular language, the selection of similar words and words from foreign languages also occupies a high place.





The satire’s efforts to make efficient and successful use of Lakshna and Yushna have been successful in reaching the hearts of the readers.





Harishankar Parsai has enriched the language with his writings by using idioms and proverbs here and there, due to which the language has become very fluent.





In Parsai’s works, there is mention of satirical style, descriptive, and narrative styles. Hindi language literary satirist writer Harishankar Parsai was born on 22 August 1924 in Jamani village in Narmadapuram, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.





Parsai ji had received an MA education in the Hindi language from Nagpur University. Harishankar Parsai has the honor of being such a Hindi writer who tried to give satire the status of a genre in the Hindi language and worked to connect satire with broader questions by taking it out of the scope of light traditional entertainment.






Harishankar Parsai’s satirical writings not only tickle the hearts of the masses but also bring the masses to the level of reality from which it is not possible for any person to stay away from them.





Harishankar Parsai was successful in completely capturing the truths and realities of middle-class people after seeing them getting crushed in the increasingly hollow socio-political system.





While ridiculing conservative life values and social hypocrisies, he always gave a positive form to the vision based on science and rationality.





A special familiarity is visible in the language style of Harishankar Parsai. Harishankar Parsai, making satire the basis of his writing, has made a deep attack on the corruption prevalent in political and social life, which is called a unique experiment in Hindi literature.





While defining his writing art as a social work, he has said that without social experience, writing full of truth and reality is never possible. Harishankar Parsai ji worked in the Forest Department at the age of 18 to earn his living.





Then, leaving the job of Forest Department, he was associated with teaching work in Khandwa for 6 months.





He obtained a degree from the Space Training College in Jabalpur between 1941 and 1943 and taught at the Model High School in Jabalpur in 1942.




But his writing mind could not concentrate on his job, hence Parsai ji resigned from his government job in 1952 and continued working in private schools from 1953 to 1957. After leaving the job in 1957, he started writing independently.





He started publishing Mike’s magazine named ‘Vasudha’ from Jabalpur. The magazine ‘Vasudha’ with good content had become very popular among the readers but for some reason, the publication of the magazine ‘Vasudha’ was stopped.





Harishankar Parsai was famous as a satirist in the new stories ‘Sun Bhai Sadho’ in Nayi Duniya Patrika, ‘Panch Kalam’ and ‘Kalpana Mein’ with Uljhi Uljhi and finally, even after writing stories, novels, and essays, etc.





But Harishankar Parsai’s satirical writing is not just a means of entertainment. Through his satirical writing, he has made a successful attempt to attract the attention of all the people and readers to those discrepancies and weaknesses prevalent in the individual and society that are making the entire human life difficult.





Harishankar Parsai Ji is a satire writer. He used satirical style as the basis to highlight the truth of social anomalies. He made good use of his contemporary time creatively. The writings of his literature are seen as encountering the present.





Harishankar Parsai ji has made a successful attempt to give a new identity to Hindi literature through the genre of satire. For this, Hindi literature will always be indebted to him.




There are many collections of articles by Harishankar Parsai, the names of some of which are as follows.




Following the ghost’s feet, our illness was a different thing than, Premchand’s torn shoes, Kaag Bhagoda, the era of footpaths, we are aware of one age, etc. Parsai ji was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for the creation of ‘Viklang Shraddha Ka Daur’.





Harishankar Parsai, who has struck a chord with everyone with his comedy creations, has made a satirical attack against the corruption and exploitation deeply rooted in social and political life based on his satirical works.





His Hindi satire literature is unique. He defined his writing art as a work. Harishankar Parsai believed that creating true and real literature is not possible without assimilating social experience.





Harishankar Parsai was primarily a satire writer. He never allowed his satirical writing to become a means of entertainment.





Based on his satirical writing, he made many successful attempts to draw the attention of his enlightened readers toward the individual and social anomalies that have made human life difficult.





Such comic satire creator Harishankar Parsai passed away on 10 August 1995 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Harishankar Parsai was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1982.




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