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Vishal Malkan Biography






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Vishal Malkan’s full name is Vishal V Malkan. Vishal Malkan is an Indian trader. Trading in the stock market.




He has acquired most of his wealth from trading. Vishal Malkan has 27 years of experience working in the stock market and has struggled a lot to achieve success.





As a result of which he has currently established himself as a successful trader in the Indian stock market.





Vishal Malkan was born on 17 January 1975 in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state of India. Vishal Malkan’s father used to trade in clothes.





Vishal Malkan’s mother used to do housework. Vishal Malkan has done MBA IN FINANCE from Mumbai University. Vishal Malkan got married to Meghna V Malkan in the year 2007. Presently Vishal Malkan is a successful trader and co-owner of Malkans View. Is the founder.





Vishal Malkan was inclined towards trading business since class 8th. Vishal Malkan started trading in 1996 itself. At that time Vishal Malkan was a student of class 10. Vishal Malkan’s father gave him Rs 10,000 after much effort. Gave for trading business.





Vishal Malkan had earned a profit of Rs 20,00000 through trading till the year 2000, but in the year 2001, Vishal Malkan lost Rs 20,00000. Had to suffer more than Rs. 100 crore loss and Vishal Malkan also incurred debt.





After the trading loss, Vishal Malkan was determined to learn technical and fundamental analysis and acquired knowledge by reading 400 to 500 stock market-related books.





Vishal Malkan gained knowledge about many indicators and tools but did not get the experience of profitable trading. It was the year 2006 when Vishal Malakan attended a webinar to solve his problem where international level trader LARRY WILLIAMS was present as a speaker.





Vishal Malkan asked Larry Williams I have taken many trainings on many indicators and tools but I am not able to find profitable trades. After listening to Vishal Malkan, Larry Williams said that you should take training in only one tool.





Along with this, the more you try to keep your trading setup simple, the better it will be for you. LARRY WILLIAMS advised Vishal Malkan to forget all the tools and said that if you have chosen RSI then whatever information is available about it.





Learn it and read it, then LARRY WILLIAMS, throwing light on one thing, said to Vishal Malkan, ‘GO DEEP NOT BROAD’. Using his experience and complete knowledge, Larry Williams published a report in the year 2008 in which it was written that the stock market A huge CRASH is coming.




Within a month of the release of the report, there was a huge CRASH in the stock market, which made Larry Williams’ report true.





LARRY WILLIAMS became a famous person. Vishal Malkan tells one of his experiences that when I went to learn about the stock market, he met an elderly man.





He said that if you want to stay in the stock market for a long time then you will have to learn to BOOK your LOSSES. Vishal Malkan followed the suggestion of that gentleman and at present, he is earning profits worth crores by becoming a successful trader.





According to Vishal Malkan, there are many tools in the stock market but traders should choose only one tool as per their convenience.





By getting good information from a tool, this knowledge will be very useful to the trader in the stock market environment, then the trader will start getting the benefit of profitable trade.





According to Vishal Malkan, the trader should create a trade management system that will require four types of rules and the trader will have to follow those rules with discipline.





Whether the market situation is in favor or against, the rules will have to be followed in every situation. Following the rules with discipline will help the trader to control his emotions. Those four rules are as follows: Information about the rules of buying STOCK.





Know the rules of selling stocks, know the rules of PROFIT BOOKING, and know the rules of LOSS BOOKING. If the trader is aware of all these rules, the trader has more chances of profit.





Need for Risk Management – According to Vishal Malkan a trader should be aware of the risks of profit and loss.





The trader should decide the risk-reward ratio beforehand. With this, the trader will know the position of the entry as well as the exit point.




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