The Great Khali Biography in English : Full Details

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The Great Khali Biography in English






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The Great Khali Real NameDalip Singh Rana
Father NameJwala Ram
Mother NameTandi Devi
Wife NameHarminder Kaur
Date of BirthAug 27, 1972
Birth PlaceHimachal Pradesh, India
NicknameThe Punjabi Playboy, The GreatKhali
ChildrenA Daughter
Weight157 KG




The Great Khali is a well-known and familiar name in the professional world of WWE. But the creation of ‘The Great Khali’ became possible only with a long story behind ‘The Great Khali’ and a life full of struggle.





The Great Khali i.e. Dalip Singh Rana was born on 27 August 1972 in Dhiraina, a small village in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, an Indian state.





Dalip Singh Rana’s (The Great Khali) father’s name is Jwala Ram and his mother’s name is Tandi Devi. The parents of The Great Khali are of normal height like a normal person, but The Great Khali’s grandfather was 6 feet and 6 inches tall and had a heavy body.





The original name of The Great Khali is Dalip Singh Rana but in the world of WWE, he is named The Great Khali, which is inspired by ‘Mata Kali’, the spiritual goddess of the Indian Hindu community. The Great Khali has a total of seven brothers and sisters, all of whom are of normal size.





But The Great Khali has a special divine grace due to which his physical structure is different and extraordinary.





Whoever has special blessings from God, his body or intellect becomes very unique, the same situation happened with The Great Khali also.





Not only that family, it is unique even among many people for whom no example can be given. His heavy physique became a boon for him. Everyone in his village used to employ Khali in heavy work. Khali used to complete all the heavy tasks of the people very easily.





Khali’s father Jwala Ram was a farmer. His financial condition was not good but he would feed all his children.





The life of The Great Khali was a very difficult one. He also had to do the work of breaking stones in the ‘Road Project’ of the Himachal Government, in which Khali had no hesitation.




Breaking stones was not a difficult task for Khali, but labor is labor. The Great Khali worked as a laborer for many days while living in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Although Khali has become a WWE star in the present times, his early life was very struggling.





One day, when Khali was engaged in stone breaking, he qualified for the post of ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector) in the Punjab Police. The women of Khali’s village asked him to do heavy tasks which included moving animals from one place to another and carrying heavy goods from one place to another.





Khali used to do such work happily. Khali’s body was much larger than that of normal children, he had to order shoes of his foot size because it was not possible to get shoes of his foot size. With time the Great Khali grew up.





To support his family, he also worked as a security guard in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Time is changeable. While working as a security guard, S.S. Bhullar, a senior officer in the Punjab Police, noticed Khali.





S. S. Bhullar inspired Khali i.e. Dilip Singh Rana to join the Punjab Police. Khali came to Punjab at the suggestion of Bhullar Saheb. There Bhullar Saheb provided all the expenses for Khali and Khali started working in Punjab Police.





While working in Punjab Police, Khali met a person named Amit Swami. Amit Swami became Khali’s friend, then Khali went to Delhi Airport with Amit Swami, from here the change in Khali’s life started. Khali met his favorite wrestler Dorian Yates at Delhi Airport.





Dorian Yates was very impressed with Khali’s physical appearance. He encouraged Khali to take up the sport of wrestling. After the encouragement of Dorian Yates, Khali went to Japan to try his luck, after which Khali’s fortunes changed.





Khali’s strength can be gauged from the fact that once his opposing students decided to harass him and Amit Swami was also among them. All the students together planned to catch Khali and beat him but they all did not fail in their attempt.





Rather, with his bare hands, Khali tortured all the students so brutally that it became a lifelong memory for all of them.





Khali tried his luck in All Pro Wrestling in the United States in the year 1996 and succeeded in injuring and defeating many great wrestlers.





Khali teamed up with Tony Jones for his first match at the West Side Plaza. Khali is a full supporter of vegetarianism and always stays away from any intoxicants, tobacco, and alcohol. Khali’s weight is 190 kg. He is a person of very fearless nature.





They love to roam in the jungles of India and are not even afraid of dangerous pythons and animals. Khali resides in Atlantic City, America. Apart from being a WWE star, he acted in many major Hollywood films in the year 2005 like ‘The Longest Yard, Get Smart, and Mac Breaker’.





Khali has also acted in Indian films ‘Kushti and Rama the Savior’. The Great Khali i.e. Dalip Singh Rana joined the world of WWE wrestling in the year 2006. Khali’s first fight after joining WWE on January 2, 2006, was televised on April 7, 2006.





After joining WWE, the 7 feet 3 inches tall Khali was successful in defeating wrestlers like Undertaker in consecutive fights in the initial stages. That was the important time of the year 2008 when Khali became famous all over the world as a WWE wrestler.





After earning a name at the international level, Khali returned to his home country ‘India’ in the year 2008. Khali gained a lot of fame in India also. On October 7, 2000, Great Khali entered World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It was during this time that Khali became the first Indian wrestler to win the title of ‘New Japan Pro Wrestling’.





In the year 2006, Khali played a match with the most dangerous Undertaker and defeated Undertaker by challenging him.





The Great Khali was successful in winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the year 2007 – 2008 and this was the time when the Great Khali defeated Shaw Michael and others.





After defeating many prominent wrestlers, the Great Khali went on a foreign tour to learn the tricks of modern wrestling, while the reality was that even graduating from a renowned university like Harvard did not give a 100% guarantee, yet Khali was willing to take the risk. It was acceptable.





Then, joining a small wrestling school called ‘All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp’ (APW), he started learning various types of slams and techniques that are useful in dominating this sport (WWE). Great Khali from California’s APW A. After completing training from P.W. J. P.W. (New Japan Pro Wrestling) joined the competition.





In August 2001, the Great Khali entered a new phase in Japan with Masahiro Chono, then with the big-bodied Silva in N.J. J. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing a combined 805 pounds, the team made the most tag team appearances in WWE history.





In an important match during a match at Tokyo Dome, Silva and Great Khali together defeated 4 giant wrestlers. Now the next journey of Great Khali was towards the next World Wrestling (WWE).





At the end of 2005, WWE managers were planning to expand the company’s influence in Japan, so many top WWE officials arrived in Japan.





When he saw this huge Indian lion in Japan, the idea of taking the Indian lion to America was awakened in him. The Great Khali entered professional wrestling on October 7, 2000, under the name Vishal Singh.





Khali won the title of ‘Mr.’ in bodybuilding competition in 1991 and 1997. Had won the title of ‘India’. Till the year 2012, The Great Khali had acted in 4 Hollywood and 2 Bollywood films as well as 1 French film. The name of that French film was ‘Surla Piste du Marceau Film’.





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