Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English And Full Details

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Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English






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The Hindi language has a very important contribution to the history of Indian literature. Many poets and sages were born in the sacred land of India and have illuminated the Hindi world with their literary knowledge.





Many famous poets and mystics have always been at the forefront of social reform with the use of their writings, such as Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’, Mahadevi Verma, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Jaishankar Prasad, etc. Among these poets and mystics, a well-known name is Sukumar, the pioneer of nature consciousness.





Sumitra Nandan Pant has a unique place in Hindi language literature. Hindi language literature will always remain incomplete without mentioning the name of this great poet.




Such a brilliant poet of Hindi language literature was born on 20 May 1900 in a village named Kausani in Almora district of Uttar Pradesh (presently Uttarakhand).





Sumitra Nandan Pant’s father’s name was Gangdutt Pant and his mother’s name was Saraswati Devi. After some time, Sumitra Nandan Pant’s biological mother left him, hence Pant was brought up by his grandmother with all her love and affection. Pant Ji was the youngest among his seven siblings.





His childhood name was Gosaidutt but he did not like the name Gosaidutt at all, so he changed it to Sumitra Nandan Pant.




Sumitra Nandan Pant’s intelligence started blossoming at the age of seven, as a result of which she started writing poetry at the age of seven.




Almora, Ranikhet, and Dehradun of Uttarakhand are famous for their natural image. While seeing nature and playing in its lap, at the age of seven, young poet Sumitra Nandan started giving shape to poetry through his pen.





Sumitra Nandan’s initial education was from Shri Ganesh Almora. Later, at the age of 18, Pant ji came to his brother in Banaras for a high school education.





During his stay in Banaras, he completed his high school education and then came to Allahabad for further education and was admitted to Allahabad University for graduation.





At that time the wind of freedom movement in India was at its fastest pace. Mahatma Gandhi was leading the Satyagraha movement.





Sumitra Nandan Pant was also not untouched by love for the country. Like every youth, she left her education incomplete and joined the Satyagraha movement to support Gandhiji, but her school education was not possible.





But Sumitra Nandan Pant kept studying Sanskrit, Hindi, and Bengali literature while staying at home. Pant ji started getting recognition as a poet of the new trend around 1918. In 1926-27, the poetry collection ‘Pallava’ was published, which was a famous poetry collection by Sumitra Nandan Pant.





In which the songs mentioned were a complete reflection of beauty and purity. After some time, Pant Ji reached his birthplace Almora. Here Pant ji was greatly influenced by the ideologies of Karl Marx and Freud.





Sumitra Nandan Pant launched a monthly magazine called ‘Rupabh’ in 1938. He served All India Radio from 1955 to 1962 and held the post of Chief Producer. Sumitra Nandan Pant has given shape to many priceless poetic works.



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