Sukesh Chandrashekhar Biography : Age, And Full Details

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Sukesh Chandrashekhar Biography






NameSukesh Chandrashekhar
ProfessionThug (Con Man)
Date of Birth1989
Age 32
Home TownBengaluru
Birth PlaceBangalore Karnataka
SchoolBishops Cotton Boys’ School, Bengaluru
Educational Qualification
Madurai University
FatherVijayan Chandrashekhar





Sukesh Chandrashekhar Biography





Height5”10 inch
Weight75 Kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Net Worth200 Crore Rs.
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLina Maria paul





Introduction of Sukesh Chandrasekhar





Sukesh Chandrasekhar is famous not only in India but all over the world for his exploits and profession.





Sukesh Chandrasekhar is notorious for cheating anyone. Sukesh has mastered the act of cheating him.





Sukesh Chandrasekhar had started cheating, cheating with everyone at the age of 17 only, and became the owner of crores by blowing lakhs of rupees from many people, as a result of which he is spending his life in jail. But there was no improvement in his cheating habit even in jail.





He started cheating even while in jail and made many people a victim of his art. It has chosen a very easy way to cheat.





When Sukesh Chandrashekhar meets someone, he tells himself to be a relative of a big minister. Sometimes by calling himself a broker, he takes the work of cheating to the end. At present, Sukesh’s life is being spent in jail.





Biography of Sukesh Chandrasekhar





Sukesh Chandrasekhar was born in 1989 at Bhavani Nagar, Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka in South India.




Sukesh Chandrasekhar belongs to a middle-class family. Sukesh’s father’s name was Vijayan Chandrasekhar and he died in 2021.





Sukesh’s friends used to call him Balaji in his childhood. Sukesh’s wife’s name is Leena Maria Pal. Sukesh has been fond of luxury sports vehicles since childhood.





Early education of Sukesh Chandrasekhar





Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s early education took place at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School in Bangalore. Sukesh completed his further studies by being admitted to Madurai University, Sukesh also worked as an operative for arranging car programs in Bangalore during his university studies.





Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s girlfriend’s affair





When Sukesh Chandrashekhar had cheated 200 crores, he had accepted his relationship and affair with an Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandez during interrogation.




A romantic picture of Sukesh with Jacqueline Fernandez became viral on social media platforms, but Jacqueline’s manager denied the affair between Sukesh and Jacqueline Fernandez.





Sukesh Chandrasekhar and Leena Maria Pal’s relationship





Leena Maria Pal is an Indian actress, who has appeared in Madras Cafe as well as other films. Sukesh Chandrasekhar is married to Leena Maria Pal.





But Sukesh Chandrasekhar and his wife Leena Maria Pal decided to stay away from doing anything with each other, then both started living separately, but after some time Sukesh and Leena Maria Pal came together again.





Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s Journey to Become a Thug





At the age of just 17, Sukesh’s journey to become a thug had started. Sukesh had cheated the family of 1.14 crores by pretending to be a friend of CM Kumaraswamy’s son of Karnataka and a businessman from Bangalore. Due to this crime, Sukesh was arrested for the first time in 2005 and sentenced to jail. Had happened





Sukesh used to impress people so much with his words that his victim himself used to get caught in his clutches, Sukesh used to cheat powerful people by calling them relatives, the biggest example of which is the 2017 Election Commission bribery case (ELECTION COMMISSION BRIBERY).





Sukesh had demanded 50 crores from TTP chief Dhinakaran for getting two election symbols of AIADMK from whom he had already cheated several crores. Sukesh was arrested in 2017 as soon as the fraud was exposed.





Suresh Chandra Shekhar’s income





SUKESH CHNDRA SHEKHAR’s source of income is cheating. By creating money for all the people, he has built a palace with all the comforts for himself.





In which all branded items are engaged and its palace is full of precious items. Sukesh has a range of expensive vehicles. Sukesh also uses a mini theater and a minibar in his palace, its total net worth will be around Rs 200 crores.





The reason why Sukesh Chandra Shekhar became famous




ED officers were following Sukesh. ED officers had found out the way of cheating Sukesh Chandra Shekhar, he had cheated many people even while in jail. 20 cases of Sukesh’s fraud were revealed, after which Sukesh became very popular, and was arrested again.





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