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Full NameMannu Bhandari Yadav
Nick NameMannu
Other NameMahendra Kumari
Date of BirthApril 3, 1931
Father’s NameSukhsampat Rai Bhandari
MotherAnoop Kumari Bhandari
HusbandRajendra Yadav
DaughterRachana Yadav
Marriage Date22 November 1959
Date Of Death15 November 2021
Age90 Years
Death CauseHeart Attack
Birth PlaceBhanpura, Indore, British India
HometownAjmer, Rajasthan



Mannu Bhandari also has an important place among Indian popular writers. She has the distinction of being a popular drama writer as well as a popular novel writer. Mannu Bhandari was born on 3 April 1931 in Bhanpura city of Madhya Pradesh, a state known as the heart of India.





Mannu Bhandari is famous as a modern story writer and novelist of Hindi language. Mannu Bhandari is famous for writing both stories and novels.





Mannu Bhandari’s novel ‘Ek Inch Muskaan’, written jointly with Rajendra Yadav, is based on the sad love story of educated people immersed in modernity.





Mannu Bhandari has written a novel named ‘Aapka Bunty’ about a child suffering from divorce. The novel named ‘Aapka Bunty’ has been placed in the category of successful novel.





In the novel ‘Mahabhoj’ created by Mannu Bhandari, the depth of the suffering of the common man has been depicted in a very poignant manner.





A drama based on the novel Mahabhoj also became very popular. A film named Rajnigandha has also been made based on Mannu Bhandari’s famous work ‘Yeh Sach Hai’, which gained immense popularity. Mannu Bhandari is recognized as an Indian writer for her works between 1950 and 1960.





Mannu Bhandari is famous for his two popular novels ‘Aapka Bunty’ and ‘Mahabhoj’. In the era of Nayi Kahani Abhiyan and the Hindi literary campaign, renowned writers like Nirmal Verma, Bhisham Sahni, Rajendra Yadav, Kamleshwar, etc. praised Mannu Bhandari as the most famous writer.





In the year 1950, only a few years had passed since India became independent. At that time, India was fighting the problems of social change, hence at that time, people were giving their different reactions to the Nayi Kahani campaign, one of which was the name of Mannu Bhandari.




Gender inequality, economic and class inequality were always the subject matter of Mannu Bhandari’s writings. Mannu Bhandari is famous for his writing art from 1950 to mid-1960. He got a lot of fame from the novel named Aapka Bunty Aur Mahabhoj.




Mannu Bhandari created ‘Aapka Bunty’ in 1971, focusing on a child facing the tragic situation of separation, which is in the category of most successful novels. Mannu Bhandari, along with her writer husband Rajendra Yadav, created a play named Ek Inch Muskaan in 1962 based on the sad love story of modern people, in which the writer duo had sequenced each act with perfection.





Mannu Bhandari has the honor of being a popular storyteller of the Hindi language. In 1979, through his writings, he based his novel ‘Mahabhoj’ on the depth of pain of the common man suffering from corruption, which became very popular.





Similarly, the famous 1974 film ‘Rajnigandha’ received the Best Film Award. In 1974, the film Rajnigandha was at the height of popularity.





This film was also based on Mannu Bhandari’s composition ‘Yeh Sach Hai’. Popular writer Mannu Bhandari has been awarded the Shikhar Samman of Hindi Academy Delhi, Government of Bihar, Indian Language Council, Kolkata Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy Vyas Samman and Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute.





Noted Hindi language writer Mannu Bhandari beautified Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan from 1952 to 1961.





Mannu Bhandari taught at Rani Birla College from 1961 to 1964 and in 1964, Mannu Bhandari was appointed to the post of Professor of Hindi Language in Miranda College and continued to hold this post till her retirement in 1991.




Mannu Bhandari has written works on the subject matter of both novels and stories, which include Ek Plate Sailab, Teen Nigaho Ki Ek Shikhar in 1962, Yehi Sach Hai in 1966 as Trishanku and Aankho Dekha Jhoot, Main Haar Gayi in 1957, etc. Important Stories of Mannu Bhandari Is a collection.





‘Aapka Bunty’, the story of a child trapped in a marriage tragedy, is included in the successful novels of 1971 Hindi.





He composed a popular play ‘A House Without Walls’ in 1966. After retiring from the post of professor, Mannu Bhandari held the prestigious post of director of novel and story emperor ‘Munshi Premchand Srijan Peeth’ in Ujjain for two years from 1992 to 1994.





Mannu Bhandari has the distinction of being a popular writer of Hindi language. He gave concrete shape to ‘Mahabhoj’ in his work (1979) by making the suffering of the common man the basis of the subject matter of corruption prevalent in bureaucracy. Based on his other popular composition ‘Yahi Sach Hai’, a film named Rajnigandha was made which became very popular.





That film was awarded the award declaring it the best film in 1974. Mannu Bhandari sold the writing rights to the novel ‘Aapka Bunty’ which was made into a film by Dharmendra Goyal and the film was later directed by Shishir Mishra.





Famous actresses and actors Shabana Azmi, Shatrughan Sinha, Tina Munim as well as Vinod Mehra performed excellently.





Later, Mannu Bhandari filed a lawsuit against Kala Vikas Pictures Private Limited, saying that it had distorted the subject matter of the novel and violated Section 57 of the Indian Copyright Act 1957.





The case Manu Krishna v. Kala Vikas Motion Pictures Limited is a landmark decision in Indian copyright law that clarifies the scope of an author’s moral rights under Indian copyright law.





The court was completely in favor of Mannu Bhandari. But Mannu Bhandari and the filmmaker finally agreed to an out-of-court settlement.




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