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Liver King Biography in English





Full name Brian Johnson
NicknameLiver King
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Date of Birth7th April 1977 
BirthplaceSan Antonio, Texas, United States of America 
Age ( As Of 2022) 45 Years
HometownAustin, Texas, United States of America 
SchoolJohn Marshall High School, Leon Valley, Texas
CollegeTexas Tech University
Educational QualificationA degree in Biochemistry
Weight80 Kg
Marital Status Married
WifeBarbara Johnson
ChildrenStryker And Rad Johnson
Net worth1 Million ( As Of 2022 )
Eye ColourHazel Green
Hair ColourDark Brown




If a person is physically and mentally healthy, then his life can be happy. Due to the health of the reason, the negative ideology inside the human being ends, then the human being can live his life stress-free with positive thinking.




In other words, if life is lived in the company of nature, then man can get physical and mental benefits as well as financial benefits.




Who would be such a person in the world who would not want to be healthy? But in today’s so-called modern times, the race of everyday life, contaminated water, and food items will hurt the health of all people.




But there is a person in this world who is trying to improve his and his family’s health very strangely and does such things which are not possible for an ordinary person. This man is trying to live his life like an ancient primitive man.







A man named Brian Johnson is known by the name of (Liver King). Because Brian Johnson uses wild animals – bone marrow means raw liver and other parts of the animal’s body as food.




Brian Johnson spent most of his life with his family in the company of nature in forest caves, jungles, and rugged places, engaged in living like a primitive man of the East.




Brian Johnson’s life is now completely spent on nature-provided fruits and flowers and the raw meat of animals.





Brian Johnson exercises a lot. And completely fulfill the need for sleep. Brian Johnson says that the primitive humans of the past were very strong physically, anyone can become strong by living a life like them, Brian says that humans can keep their bodies healthy by living like their ancestors. Is.




A newspaper – the Daily Star – has a statement that – Brian Johnson formerly lived in the city with his wife and two sons in the so-called modern times.





The health of his children and family was being adversely affected, the reason for this was today’s modern eating style, suddenly one day his son started having difficulty breathing because there was an excess of pollution.




Brian Johnson ran towards the hospital to save his son’s life, with the tireless efforts of the doctors, his son could get a life.





After that, Brian Johnson and his family members started living in the company of nature. Brian Johnson started giving animal liver along with natural fruits and flowers as food to all the members of his family, which resulted in a very surprising improvement in the health of all the people in the family.




Brian Johnson is 40 years old and has been living in the company of nature for 20 years and uses 1 pound of animal raw liver as food per day, Brian Johnson has started a company called – Ancestral Lifestyle – and all people are (motivated) to live life like ancestors.





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