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Khan sir Patna biography





Real Name Faisal Khan 
Other NameKhan Sir Patna, Amit Singh
Father NameName Not Known ( Contractor )
Mother NameName Not Known ( Homemaker )
GrandfatherIqbal Ahmed Khan
Wife —-
Khan Sir Date Of BirthDecember 1993
Age ( As Of 2023 )29 Years
BirthplaceGorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
HometownMalviya Gate
Bapu Road, Bhatpar Rani
Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, India
YouTube Channel nameKhan GS Research Center
Height5’5” inches
Weight in kilogram67 kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Martial StatusEngaged
SalaryApprox ₹15 Lakh Per Month from YouTube
Educational QualificationGraduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
Post Graduate with a Master of Science (M.Sc)




Khan Sir does not need any introduction in the present time, in the present time, the curiosity of all the people has increased in Khan Sir.




People search Google a lot every day for information about him, those who read news in newspapers or watch television must know him – Khan Sir.




Khan sir is considered an expert on maps. Khan Sir initiated a coaching institute to provide education to students in Patna, the capital of Bihar province, Khan Sir is the administrator and founder of the coaching institute.





The name of Khan Sir’s coaching institute is – Khan G S Research Center Patna, where Khan Sir himself teaches the students in his special native style.




His native style of explaining a subject separates him from other people, his popularity is such that everyone calls him the second Kalam.





Birth Place and Family Background of Khan Sir





Khan Sir was born in Gorakhpur, a district of Uttar Pradesh. His father is a retired officer of the Indian Army, Khan Sir belongs to a middle-class family, and his elder brother is serving in the Indian Army.





Khan Sir’s mother is a humble housewife. Khan Sir’s family background has been in the Indian Army and country service, so Khan Sir’s nature was also natural towards the service of the country through the army, but no one goes ahead of the intention, Khan Sir failed the physical exam. When he got success in the examination of NDA.




Khan Sir had the passion to serve the country, but there was also the regret of not being selected for the army, Khan Sir changed his thinking that cooperation could be given in the service of the country through other mediums as well.




Just what then? Khan Sir took a pledge to serve the country by making teaching work a medium, the result of which was that he started teaching children with full dedication by paying low fees, in this way, Khan Sir did the work of teaching as well as serving the country.




Khan Sir’s Educational Qualification








Khan Sir’s primary education was completed in Gorakhpur, a district of Uttar Pradesh, after which Khan Sir did a B.S.C. And completed their M.Sc from Allahabad University.




Khan Sir was a student leader who raised his voice in the interest of the students during his studies, he had to go to jail many times for talking about the interest of the students.




Khan Sir’s Controversy





Khan Sir was explaining to his students about the Anti French protest done by the political party of his neighboring country, Khan Sir had said the right and accurate, true thing, the right accurate and true thing is always bitter, Khan Sir’s right Due to this, some conservative-minded people started expressing their anger on him and started saying that it is related to another community which is targeting a particular community, this controversy which was a bitter truth, made Khan Sir very famous.




the real name of Khan sir





Khan sir was giving education to his students but some flirtatious students were eager to know his name, the children started insisting to know his name, then Khan sir jokingly said to avoid the children that our friend from the bank, I am Amit. Called by the name of Singh. My name is not Khan Sir.




Khan sir’s words spread very fast on social media, people started trolling him saying that this man named Amit Singh wanted to defame people of a particular religion.





Khan sir released a video after the controversy was over and said – No man can forcefully ask anyone’s name, because by asking forcibly a man feels insulted. Khan sir said – that after the dispute was over He would tell his name himself, Khan sir also said that his name is Faizal Khan.




Khan GS Research Center





Khan Sir is the owner of the famous coaching institute established in Patna, the capital of Bihar, that institute khan g.s. Research Center is famous as Patna, here Khan Sir gives information about almost all the subjects to the children studying. Khan Sir is especially considered to be a cartographer.





In the initial days of Khan Sir’s coaching institute, the number of students studying this was just nominal, but due to Khan Sir’s native and unique style of reading, in a batch of Khan Sir’s coaching class, 2000 students used to sit together and get an education.




Are. The special style of reading of Khan sir can be known from this that even if there is no place to sit, many students study standing for 2 to 3 hours per day. This shows the popularity of Khan sir.





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