Haseena Parkar Biography : Age, Net Worth And Full Details

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Haseena Parkar Biography





NameHaseena Parkar
ProfessionCriminal and Gangster
Date of Birth1959
Cause of DeathCardiac Arrest
Age (as on 6 July 2014) 55
HometownRatnagiri district, Maharashtra, India
Nick NameLady Don, Haseena Aapa
Birth PlaceVillage Mumka, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India
Death6 July 2014 
Educational Qualification
FatherIbrahim Kaskar





Haseena Parkar Biography




Height5’ 2”
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
SonDanish Parkar
BrotherDawood Ibrahim, Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar, Iqbal Hasan, Noora Ibrahim, Anis Ibrahim, Sabir Ahmad, Mohammed Humayoon, Mustaqueem Ali and Zaitoon Antuley
MotherAmina Bi
Husband/SpouseEbrahim Parkar (2nd Husband)
SisterMumtaz Shaikh, Saeeda Parkar and Farzana Tungekar
Marital StatusMarried




Brief introduction of Haseena Parkar




Haseena Parkar was the sister of the notorious criminal Dawood Ibrahim. Haseena Parkar used to give judgment and advice in various criminal cases to Dawood Ibrahim who was associated with his gang in Mumbai.




Haseena Parkar’s name figured in 80 illegal cases. Haseena Parkar was the owner of immense wealth. The vast criminal business of the Hasina gang was spread from Nag Pada in Mumbai to Mira Road, a suburb of Mumbai.





Even after being involved in 80 illegal cases, Hasina had to face the court only once. Haseena Parkar’s name was so feared among traders that no businessman or person could go against Haseena or say anything.




Life introduction of Haseena Parkar





Haseena Parkar was born in 1959 in Mumka village of Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. Haseena Parkar was also known by the nickname Haseena Aap or Lady Dawn.




Haseena Parkar was associated with the illegal business of her brother Dawood Ibrahim. Haseena Parkar’s father’s name was Ibrahim Kaskar, who was the head constable of the police.





Haseena Parkar’s mother’s name was Amina Bi, she was a simple housewife. Haseena Parker had 12 siblings, of which Haseena was number 7.




The names of Haseena’s siblings are Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar, Iqbal Hasan, Noora Ibrahim, Anees Ibrahim, Sabir Ahmed, Mohammad Humayun, Mustakuinmaali, Zaitoon Antulay, Saida Parkar, Farzana Tungekar, Mumtaz Sheikh.





After the death of his 2 brothers, Dawood became number one in his family, Haseena Parkar was the younger sister of Dawood Ibrahim, India’s biggest don. Everyone in the family used to call Haseena Aapa, that is, used to call her elder sister.




Haseena Parkar’s intervention (effect) in various matters





In 1991, when Haseena Parkar’s husband Ismail Parkar was murdered by the Arun Gawli gang, Haseena Parkar became fully active in the world of crime.





Haseena Parkar used to solve the problems of all the builders by taking property as commission from all the builders. No building construction work was possible from South Mumbai to Kurla without Haseena Parkar’s permission.





Haseena Parkar had many unnamed properties in South Mumbai. Haseena Parkar’s elder son Danish Parkar used to support his mother in all the work, who died in an accident.




Haseena Parkar had more impact on film, only operation, and development of slums, it was not possible to work on all these works without paying a commission amount to Haseena Parkar.




Haseena Parkar’s influence on the film





Haseena Parkar used to charge commissions for the release of films abroad, especially in the Gulf region.



Haseena Parkar’s Impact on slum redevelopment




Haseena Parkar used to use her influence to get the builders and developers to get the slum land in the name of redevelopment at the preferred site of the builders and in return the builders used to charge a commission amount from the developers.




Haseena Parkar’s influence in operations only




All the operators of Mumbai could not decide their work area without the permission of Aapa alias Haseena Parkar, Haseena Parkar used to get a fixed fee for dividing the work area of operation only.




The last journey of Haseena Parkar




Haseena Parkar was fasting for the holy month of Ramzan. Haseena Parkar was also a fasting woman. Haseena Parkar could not be saved even after tireless efforts, Haseena Parkar died at the age of 55 at 2.45 minutes.




Famous personal life of Haseena Parkar




Haseena Parkar was associated with the Dawood gang and lived on the first floor of Gordon House, Nagpada, Mumbai.




Haseena Parkar’s house was near the local police station, many henchmen used to protect Haseena Parkar.




Passport number A was issued to Haseena Parkar on 5 April 1997, whose validity limit was till 6 April 2007, in 1998 Haseena Parkar went on Haj pilgrimage through the same passport.





When serial bomb blasts took place in Mumbai in 1993, Haseena crossed over to Dubai through the same port. On February 14, 2005, when Haseena Parkar’s passport was lost, the matter of Haseena Parkar’s loss of passport reached the Crime Branch of Mumbai, Haseena Parkar applied for a second passport, but Haseena Parkar was denied the passport.





Haseena Parkar through her lawyer Shyam Keshwani sought answers from the passport officer, but since then the passport case has closed, and Haseena Parkar’s life has always been the center of discussion with her work.




Family of Haseena Parkar




Haseena Parkar’s husband’s name was Ismail Parkar, The Parkar couple had 3 children namely Danish Parkar, and Ali Shah Parkar, and the girl’s name was Qudsia Parkar. Haseena Parkar’s elder son Danish Parkar died in an accident, Haseena Parkar’s husband had died long back.




Haseena Parkar’s net worth




5000 Crore INR (as of 2014)




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